Mantra Collection


Mantras could be defined as sounds, syllables, words, or combinations of words that are recited in a spiritual or healing context for the purpose of mental clarity or transcendence. Originating in the Hindu Vedas, mantras have been used throughout the centuries in many different traditions during meditation, rituals, ceremonies, or healing sessions. Benefits can be gained either by chanting them aloud or internally.

Most of the mantras in this collection are from the Hindu tradition, and each contains a specific vibration, derived from its Sanskrit syllables and possibly an associated deity. A common practice is to recite a mantra 108x each day for 40 consecutive days, after which it is believed that the energy of the mantra becomes "embodied" in the person reciting it. A string of 108 mala beads can be used to count the repetitions, so that the mind can remain focused and aware.

This collection is intended as a reference for healing. To learn more about developing a mantra practice, visit these links:

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